On March 20, 2013 Hugo Cuevas-Mohr was invited to the V CONGRESO DE ACCESO A SERVICIOS FINANCIEROS, SISTEMAS Y HERRAMIENTAS DE PAGO put together by Asobancaria in Cartagena, Colombia. The Conference is developed as a means to discuss issues related to Financial Inclusion, the access to financial services by the unbanked.
Hugo Cuevas-Mohr gave a presentation (in spanish here) entitled “Remesas e Inclusión Financiera” analyzing the remittances (volumes, growth) and discussing the issues involved in using remittances as a door for Financial Inclusion programs.

The Conference had many highlights, like the presentations by three Colombian banks – Grupo Aval, Davivienda & Bancolombia, of their mobile wallet solutions that they are offering. Some banks require an account – Bancolombia requires the opening of a savings account, some of them don’t require an account – Davivienda with DaviPlata. Some of them are free, some of them has a cost linked to it, some of them allow for remittances to be deposited in the wallet, etc.
Several exhibitors also presented products and services too.

The Conference AGENDA is here, the Presentations (in video) are here.

Check the Conference here: CONGRESO