We will be hosting Virtual Roundtable sessions to prepare for our flagship conference CrossTech World 2023. We are calling our compliance experts and officers to join our virtual roundtables (VRT). These sessions are to prepare you to come to CrossTech World in Miami where we will be hosting compliance and business discussions.

Join the movement to revolutionize the payment industry! We haven’t forgot about our compliance teams and this will be a forum for you to join and be in front of industry leaders.

UPCOMING 2023 CrossTech VRT's

(Virtual Round Tables)


January 19, 2023

6:00 PM EST

CrossTech 2022 Innovation Winners in Cross-Border Payments

A CrossTech & NAYPAY VRT:

NYPAY and CrossTech are pleased to announce a discussion of Innovation in Cross-Border Payments. CrossTech held its Annual World 2022 Conference in November 2022 and an exciting part of the event was the announcement of the CrossTech Innovation Award Winners in 4 categories. They include the Digital Innovation Award, the Fintech Making a Difference Award, the KYC Solution Award, and the Industry Choice Award. Come hear short demos/presentations by the Award Winners, and a discussion of what it takes these days to become a Cross-Border Payments Innovation leader. This will be followed by a networking session with the Award Winners and leaders at CrossTech and NYPAY.

VRT Participants and
Innovation Award Winners

Alex Voronovich


Arina Anapolskaya


Bernardo Garcia


Manuel Godoy


Chris Martin


Raphael Wander De Aguiar


Emeka Madu


Brian Delaney


Priscilla D. Oliveira