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CrossTech is a management consulting and conference company who defines industry standards for cross-border industry. Crosstech highlights in conferences the best the industry has to offer including innovation, new players and remarkable initiatives. For consulting, we empower your company with strategy to keep you relevant in market. For more information on CrossTech new products, please join our products and services.

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Enjoy one of the best regional Cross Border payments conferences in the region. Share, generate high-impact networking and participate in our 2022 face-to-face events in São Paulo, Brazil and Miami, Florida. You will have the presence of the best speakers, sponsors and companies attending this category.


Power your company or business through our in-depth research consultancies, focused on the core of your business, with both qualitative and quantitative insights and reports that will allow you to access information that will make your business more efficient.



Read and update on the main and latest news from the remittance payment sector. Our editors and journalists address trends, providing data and information about the economic status of Cross Border payments around the world.

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