Coinciding with the celebration of the 10 year anniversary of IMTC conferences we are faced with one of the most exciting and challenging organizational shifts: The Platinum Network (PNET). Bringing these conferences to life over the past 10 years implied a lot of work in the sense that it took time, energy, and creativity and without the help of all my friends and colleagues in the industry, this would not have been possible. They believed in the vision we had, to build bridges and consolidate this diverse sector into a big international community. In this new decade, we have BIG plans to take this community online! Continue reading for a glimpse of what is to come.

Not only the virtual world will witness the new plans, IMTC WORLD 2020, will take a big leap this year moving to a larger space in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown Miami, Nov 16-19. We also have planned four more events this year, venturing into new markets with both, IMTC LATAM (Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 5-7) and IMTC ASIA (Ho Chi Minh City in September), and – now that brexit finally has taken place – we will be returning to London for IMTC EMEA on May 26-28.

Note: The Platinum Network, affectionately called PNET, is the umbrella organization of IMTC, Remtech, Reglaince, and soon the name of our virtual community and its online services & products.4de4


2020 will see the launching our first Regliance Conference, ‘at the crossroads between compliance regtech and regulation’, at the Hilton Hotel in Miami Downtown on June 15-17. Done in partnership with CORCOM and with the expert guidance of a Compliance Council. I hope you are able to join us in our inaugural event. 

But new challenges are ahead of us as we open our digital offerings to all the +9,000 friends and colleagues from over all over the world that follows our newsletters, social media accounts, LinkedIn Group, etc. We have been busy creating ways to offer an immersive experience for everyone, online and offline, so they can join us physically or virtually!

Our virtual space

The Platinum Network will offer memberships to our global money transfer & cross-border payments community so our friends and colleagues can now benefit from their loyalty with discounts to our events and online courses, free participation in our virtual round tables (a new concept of webinars), and many more perks that we will disclose soon.

Every member will be able to create their own profile and be found in the directory as well as initiating conversations —a great way to help take the networking that happens during the conferences and make it a year-round thing. Moreover, organizations will be able to build their own groups, private or public, a service all associations will certainly be happy to offer their members as they will have their own virtual space.

Our Online Courses

The MTCC Compliance Certification Course is already online and more courses will follow. We are partnering up with Corcom to develop a suite of online courses in the areas of compliance, regulation and regtech. We are also on the lookout for partners interested in developing courses in other areas such as technology, blockchain, payment processing, cryptocurrencies, and courses that will provide information about countries and markets.

Virtual Roundtables (VRTs)

We have decided to take our conferences’ most successful roundtables to the digital world for everyone to access. We will have a manager, a moderator and panelists that will present the subject and briefly state their opinions. Then we will open the discussion to participants who are welcome to share their opinions and ask questions (public or private) by chat. In these one-hour sessions, we will go deeper into a specific subject. If you are interested in participating as a panelist or submitting a subject we will love to hear from you.

Ask an Expert

Mohr World Consulting, the company I founded back in 2001, has developed a solid reputation in the industry for providing guidance, advice, novel ideas, and introducing partners from all over the world. In these last couple of years, I have been working closely with our Corporate Partners offering our collective experience for the success of our common clients. We are working on developing an attractive and inexpensive way for anyone in the industry to schedule a one-hour phone call with any of our corporate partners! With the opening of our office in Madrid, this past month, headed by Lourdes Soto, we are proud and excited about the new opportunities ahead of us.

Remtech Awards 2020

On February 17th, we will be launching our 2020 Remtech Awards, in partnership with Yokip Consulting, alongside IFAD’s registration opening for the GFRID 2020, this year’s Global Forum Remittances Investment and Development which will take place in Nairobi, Kenya on June 24-26.GFRID will be the host this years RemTECH Awards on the afternoon of June 25. We are honored again to help & support this great event for the development of remittances and cross-border payments in Africa. We encourage all innovators to submit an application to enter and participate!