Amar Das. With over 25 years in the cross border and payments industry, Amar had a pioneer role in establishing global payment networks, in developing business and revenue infrastructure and in contributing successfully to the development of entrepreneurial as well as intrapreneurial ventures related to fintech, money transfer and payments domain. During his career span, Amar has been associated with several product and service launches in some mainstream global payments and financial institutions, has led, directed and operationalize over 100 payee partnerships across major regions in the world and has been closely linked with 3 start up ventures in the cross-border payment services either as a Founding Team member / or as a CEO.

Amar started his career track as a ‘remittance / payments’ professional when he assumed the role of the founding Region Director for India, ME and South Asia for Western Union. He pioneered and successfully established the network related to ‘instant cash remittance’ industry for the first time in 17 countries of the region, which includes India and the entire South Asia and all the countries of Middle East including Saudi Arabia and UAE. Further, as a Founding Director / CEO for two startup ventures – MoneyDart and Prabhu Money Transfer, Amar participated in all stages of business conceptualization, strategy planning, implementation and execution (which included episodes of mergers and acquisition) to build these new ventures. During his stint in London (UK), as the Managing Director of International Business for Sigue Corp, he successfully expanded the global business to over 100 countries recording billions of dollars in annual transaction turnover.

Earlier, Amar had begun his career as a banker and had held various assignment; as Director and Head of NRI Services – American Express Bank in New York, as a Vice President of Investment Services – HSBC in New York, and as a Management Trainee / Manager of State Bank of India (India and the US). Amar has had significant cross-cultural experiences having lived and worked in various regions of the world, mainly India, Middle East, USA and UK.

Amar is currently the CEO of Fast Funds Inc. (NY) which offers cross border payments services under two service brands – UnitySend Money Transfer (for digital service) as well as Family Link Money Transfer (for retail service). In this role, he is responsible for all revenue related functions and verticals in the company including business development, digital and retail strategy, global network expansion, product and service mix, growth-related mergers and acquisition.

Amar holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, New York, and a Bachelor’s degree (Honors in Science) from Institute of Science, BHU, India. He has also successfully completed professional certifications in ‘Leading with Finance’ from Harvard Business School (HBX platform) and in ‘Digital strategies for Business, leading the next generation business enterprise’ offered by Columbia Business School, New York.