Awards Terms & Conditions

The Awards are organized by CrossTech, based in Miami, FL. Except where indicated otherwise, all copyright and other rights that subsist on the home page and the sub-domain pages of (“the Website”) is owned by CrossTech, LLC.


The CrossTech Innovation Awards is a participatory industry recognition award that aims not to declare overall-encompassing winners but to highlight special characteristics of entries submitted based on qualities that the Judging Panel wants to bring attention to. In this way, industries can be ignited by many ideas brought forward by individuals, groups & companies from all over the world, shaping the innovation pathways to the future.


The CrossTech Innovation Awards (CrossTech Awards or just “Awards” here mentioned) have been developed to showcase the most innovative and outstanding technological ideas designed to improve remittance services worldwide. The award winners will be companies, groups, collectives, programs, or individuals that come up with ground-breaking solutions that benefit the market ecosystem, improving transparency, speed, cost, and reliability for the companies and end-users that send and receive remittances every day.


The Competition is open to all willing to send their submissions according to the Awards categories and rules outlined on the website. Anyone sending a submission will be called an Award Entrant (AE) and their submission an entry. Other initials used in this “Terms and Agreements” section are Award Entry Representative (AER), JP for Judging Panel, AA for Awards Auditor, and WNE for Winning Notification Email. The path sent to entries, and submissions for consideration in the Awards, is only by using the website following the instructions.

The Awards are open to all individuals, groups & companies from all over the world. Some Awards might be bound to Geographical or other restrictions. An entry can be a project, service, product, research, program, campaign, or activity created, developed, or released two years before the entry date announced for the specific award to be a valid entry. Anything relating to two years before the entry date announced is not deemed relevant for these awards.

Entries will not be accepted via email unless the project officially announces it via the website or technical difficulties prevent the form or website from receiving submissions.

Each submission requires appropriate payment as instructed on the website. The organizers can waive the entry fee based on their own criteria; an AE must request it. The Entry fee is non-refundable once the entry is placed on the website and voting commences.

Every Award Entrant (AE), whether a company, group or collective, needs to name an Award Entry Representative (AER) who will handle all communications with the CrossTech Awards organization and whose email will be considered the AER’s ID. Such a representative will be the only person authorized by the AE to discuss all matters related to the entry, the information provided, and any clarifications and receive winning information, if any. MWC will not be liable for the actions or non-actions of the designated representative. The AER can release the representation to another individual by sending the organizer an email using the same email provided by the AER naming the new AER.

The dates on the website are subject to change. The organizers reserve the right to cancel or amend the Competition or the Rules if an event outside our reasonable control occurs (e.g., a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, or the act of God). Changes will be displayed on the Website.

Employees of the organizers, or any of their subsidiary and associated companies, agents, or members of their families or households, are not eligible to enter the Competition. Members of the immediate family of any member of the JP, as well as employees of the same company where the JP member works currently, are also excluded. This does not exclude employees of sponsors, media partners, partners, and their subsidiaries and associated companies who are eligible to enter the competition.

The Judging Panel is chosen by the organizers looking for highly qualified professionals with a proven track record in fintech and remittances. The independent Judging Panel will be responsible for determining the award’s Category Winners and Mentions by the individual rating of entries on our online platform. A record of the judging panel selection, as well as the votes and the tallies, are kept for transparency and available to all judges and entrants.

We select categories for each Award cycle; each class will have one overall winner as determined by the Judging Panel (the JP can declare the award deserted). An entry can compete in one MAIN CATEGORY and a SECONDARY CATEGORY,

Categories are subject to change. If too many submissions exist for one category, the organizers may decide to split the category. AE can submit multiple entries, and the same entry can be entered in different categories, but a separate entry name must be used to highlight other characteristics of the entry. Not more than five entries per entrant.

Each entry submitted will be posted on the website. After the online voting starts, entries can acquire as many votes as possible; voters can cast one vote per 24-hour period. AE can promote the voting of their entries by using all legal and marketing permitted forms. AE can use social media or any other fair way to gather votes. Entries will stay open when voting starts and continue until the JP has their first meeting. The popularity of entries is a judging criterion, but the most popular entries will get their awards.


The JP will be directed to choose a “Best” entry per category if there is one they want to designate with a “Best” attribute. The JP can declare a null vote if no entry seems to deserve the designation or choose two winners if it is challenging to select the “Best,” They are then asked to devise a creative term to distinguish the two awards.

The JP can also select a wide range of unique awards per category to highlight individual characteristics of special entries. The JP has been instructed to consider the following unique awards: Most Creative, Most Innovative Technology, Most Innovative Product, Most Innovative Service, Most Ready for Success, Most Marketable, The Leap-Forward Award, Africa’s Best, Latam’s Best, Europe’s Best, Asia’s Best and North America’s Best.

The judging panel is free to develop other creative designations for unique awards to highlight some entries they feel have the merit to glow.

The Judging Panel consists of an odd number of members presided by a delegate of the organizers who will have a voice but no vote. More members can be added. Award Chairs will be the directing members of the JP, and the organizers will choose the remaining members.

The Judges must be well-known industry colleagues active in the industry, bringing diversity in scope, areas of interest, geographical experience, etc. Award Judges can be nominated and may be selected from sponsoring organizations. Judges will not be allowed to make decisions that might have a professional or personal interest. The JP is subject to change without notice.

Judging will be transparent and open, and the judges’ detailed minutes of the meetings will be available publicly.

The JP is expected to use the following criteria based on seven different qualities to look for in each entry. The specific understanding of these criteria will be left to the Co-Chairs. They will explain to the JP the meaning of each quality, understanding that these qualities might be seen as nuanced by each judge according to their own experience.

An Award Auditor (AA) will be named to oversee the judging process. The AA will certify the transparency and impartiality of the judging process and the entries selected for the awards.


The Award Winners (AW) will be notified by a Winning Notification Email (WNE) before the news is published or released to the media. Winners must not publicize their win on social media, especially until the awards are announced and a press release is published on the date that will be informed in the WNE.

MWC will select some winners to present their submissions to the public in award ceremonies or conference sessions, at the IMTC Conferences, or others. Presentations at any public event, IMTC Conferences, or other will be voluntary.

AWs will receive an Award Certificate; their names and entries will be mentioned in press releases. Partner organizations will display them on the website, social media, and other Media channels.

AWs will be able to receive trophies along with the certificates, and information will be provided in terms of cost, shipping expenses, customization, etc.

An Awards Gala Celebration (AGC) might be organized depending on the participation and support of sponsors and partners. AE will prioritize non-participants to purchase tickets and make reservations to attend. A waiting list might be used for the remaining tickets until they sold-out. At the Awards’ Gala Celebration invited, AW might be asked to make a short presentation.


The judging panel can nominate entries from any category to highlight an idea that they feel is worth bringing forward and award a Mention. Some of the Mentions that might be awarded: Most Creative, Most Ready for Success, Most Marketable, Partnership Building, Diaspora Investment, Cost Reduction, Financial Inclusion, etc.


Any individual, group & company submitting an AE is responsible for the legality, originality, and copyright of the work submitted in his/her/its name.

By submitting an entry on the website, the AE is not allowed to upload and distribute any document which is confidential, defamatory, obscene, breaking personal privacy regulations, infringing copyright and intellectual property rights, violates the legal rights of any party or proprietary of a brand, an individual or a company.

The organizers will not collect any personally-identifiable information about an AE (name, address, telephone number, or email address (“personal data”) through the website unless it has been provided through the submission form from the website. If information is missing, the organizers might request information ONLY by email from recognizable emails under these domains:,, and

The organizers reserve the right to delete and remove any entry or material from the Awards. The AE will immediately inform the removal or deletion and request explanations if needed. Those explanations might be used for a reconsideration of the removal or deletion.

Any AE submitting an entry through the website form cannot use false contact information details or identifying details, impersonating any person. These will be grounds for removal or deletion. The organizers’ decision about any dispute about the omissions, rules, conduct, results, and all other matters relating to the Awards is final.

The organizers, if in possession of irrefutable information of a fraudulent winning entry, can reverse the JP’s decision up to one year after the award was given.

By submitting an entry, the AE grants the right to ‘The CrossTech Award’ organizers, sponsors, and any members of the press/media permission to use all the information collected, such as name, images, links, photos, video, etc. in producing and marketing the Awards. Full credit will be given where possible. Example usages include articles in newspapers/magazines/websites / social media posts/blogs / the showcase section of the website; printed materials at awards ceremonies; prints at exhibitions related explicitly to the awards; projected and on-screen visuals at our ceremonies; videos and photos displaying winners; case studies and presentations related to these awards.

By submitting an entry through the online form, the AE confirms that The Crosstech Award was given the right to distribute the entry information and that the content used does not violate any commercial and judicial laws. The entry will not feature or use any images or words that are untrue, misleading, distasteful, blasphemous, obscene, libelous, defamatory, indecent, harassing, or threatening.

It is advisable to keep a copy of the entry as the organizers are not liable in case the entry is not uploaded correctly.

The organizers are not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft, destruction, alteration of or unauthorized access to Entries, or Entries lost, damaged, or delayed as a result of server functions, technical issues, virus, bugs or other causes outside our reasonable control.

The organizers are not responsible for:

(a) any damage, loss, injury, or disappointment suffered by entering the Crosstech Awards or as a result of winning or non-winning, being named or not an AW.

(b) any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable; or

(c) any injury or damage to an entrant’s or any other person’s computer systems relating to their participation in the Awards.

For any information regarding the entry process, submitting entries, awards, timing, or any technical issues regarding the website, please contact

The Crosstech Awards and these Rules are governed by US law, and any disputes about them are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Florida.