AZA Finance is a leading provider of cross-border payments, FX and treasury services – across Africa and worldwide. Founded in 2013 in Nairobi, we have empowered more than 26,000 companies like Western Union, WorldRemit, and Mama Money, to accelerate their operations in frontier markets by removing the friction that comes with cross-border transactions. Businesses can leverage AZA Finance’s global payments network to expand beyond their borders, send money and enable their customers to send money anywhere in the world. With a mission to scale up businesses in frontier markets, AZA Finance is improving efficiency and bringing digital
interoperability through its innovative financial infrastructure.


Our global payments network delivers:

  • Instant settlements, with payments, settled quickly and effectively, across 300+ currency pairs in 115+ markets in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America
  • Low costs and competitive rates
  • Mobile money and other last-mile payout channels


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Trusted By Global Companies:
Western Union, Mama Money, WorldRemit, CentBee, Transfast, SLOT, Africhange and more


Testimonial from WorldRemit:

“AZA Finance helps us deliver fast remittance services to individuals all over the globe, especially to critical regions like West Africa and Ghana. Additionally, AZA Finance could make payouts in local currencies where other providers could not.”