Banco Daycoval, is a financial institution with over 50 years in the market, specialized in credit for companies, for individuals (payroll-deductible loans and vehicle financing), foreign exchange products (foreign trade and remittances), funds management and investments. Its recognition throughout the country comes from the conservative management profile and seriousness and competence in its business dealings. Headquartered in São Paulo (capital), the Bank has 3.035 employees distributed among the head office, 48 branches across the country, and more than 200 service points. Daycoval was recently recognized as one of the best companies in the financial sector, according to the Valor 1000 ranking published by Valor Econõmico, coming in first amoing the 20 most profitable based on return on equity. It was also cited in the Guide 200 Large Groups of Economic Value as one of the 20 largest in the sector, both in Revenue and Net Income.