2022 has been a year of significant challenges for the global financial market. Even with the apparent control of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have observed instabilities in different economic indicators, such as the soaring global inflation, high-interest rates in the main economies, and all the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Despite this, at Beeteller, guided by the mission to bring the best technology in cross-border payments to the world, there is great excitement for the opportunities that are showing up every day. With a global presence, the Brazilian company offers complete payment solutions for companies worldwide that want to connect with their customers in Latin America. There are important financial services companies in their clients and partner lists, such as SaaS and Gaming. In addition to that, the company has expanded its operations to serve the education and tourism markets.

Throughout this year, Beeteller has actively participated in events, conferences, and discussions on the future of the global payments industry. In this context, the company has been investing in participating in and sponsoring events focused on the different industries and branches where the company operates. In Brazil, the company participated in important fairs such as WTM – the largest fair for the tourism industry in the country and was a sponsor of CrossTech Latam, powered by IMTC, an important conference for cross-border in Latin America which had the participation of the most prominent players and stakeholders in the Latin American and Brazilian market. Outside Brazil, Beeteller also participated in ICE London, the world’s largest fair for the gaming industry. The IFX Expo, a fair specializing in the financial services industry, took place in Cyprus. Besides, the company also promises to continue its investments and participation in international industry events and conferences in the second half of this year.

“You must know each market, customer, and opportunity well. There is nothing more important for this than being at conferences and experiencing the places where the financial industry discusses its future worldwide. It’s great to meet partners and customers and prospect new opportunities when we participate in these conferences. We will continue to visit and participate in important conferences worldwide throughout the next semester”, confirmed Rodrigo Nunes Beeteller, Co-Founder and Sales Director.

Along with these investments, the company is also working on developing a new product for the Brazilian market, which should soon be announced. This product was presented and approved throughout the first semester of 2022 by partners and suppliers in several countries.

All these initiatives are building and strengthening Beeteller’s sustainable growth efforts and fostering an atmosphere of great excitement about the company’s next steps. “The volume of NDAs and contracts signed with new merchants are in full blast, and we expect to close the year with an 80% growth in our revenue compared to 2021,” confirmed Rodrigo Nunes.

As the organization follows and understands the industry’s rapid movements and focuses on developing new products to provide an embedded system with multiple solutions beyond payments, Beeteller embraces and promotes new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations to design technological solutions for the market. “Always supported by our values, believing in people, democratizing access to technology, and promoting innovation, we will help to transform the economy, all over the world,” concluded Rodrigo Nunes.

Beeteller’s compromise for the rest of 2022 is to continue inspiring people by promoting global financial inclusion and bringing to the market the most innovative technologies that simplify business relationships worldwide.

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