Brazilian Tech Professionals are a great opportunity for companies around the world.
By: Vivian Portella – CEO B&T Câmbio


Recently, B&T Câmbio carried out a survey on a topic widely publicized by the Brazilian media, which points to a 72% increase in the IT and software development export from Brazil to the world in 2021.


The increase from USD 18 million to USD 31 million in transactions carried out by our customers could be explained by the strong trend of labor internationalization that my country is experiencing, followed by the recurring depreciation of the Real currency against the US Dollar.

While the pandemic basically shook the entire service sector towards digitalization, the remote work broke down all geographic barriers and popularized the offer of technology services by Brazilian professionals from this area, who stand out for their commitment, qualification, and flexibility.


Customers who look for our services share with us that they are leaving their formal jobs in Brazil to provide, from their local home offices, their services to foreign companies, mainly American ones. Following this path, the reflection of this trend affected the number of international payments carried out by our foreign exchange company, which achieved a 53% increase in operations in this segment from 2020 to 2021.

Local taxation in Brazil also benefits the professionals who provide this kind of service. The conversion of US Dollars in to Reais benefits the international companies, thus making the business favorable for both parties.


In addition to help Brazilian tech professionals, we are also expanding our operations to offer an international payment solution for companies around the world that hire this kind of professionals in Brazil, through the group’s international unit located in Miami, FL.


This movement is part of a global agenda promoted by Brazilian regulatory bodies in the sense of greater competitiveness, inclusion, and innovation in a market that was traditionally restricted to large companies. With new players arriving, your company will gain in costs, time, transparency, and access to services structured according to your needs.


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