Breno Andrade has more than 20 years of experience in business development, products, marketing and finance. He currently serves as vice president of Visa Direct at Visa. He started his career in his native Sao Paulo, Brazil as an analyst in the marketing and product development area of a local bank before embarking on an 18 year old career at Mastercard, where he held roles of growing capacity throughout the years. He joined Visa three years ago and leads a team responsible to develop and launch peer-to-peer, cross border money transfers, businesses and government payout solutions in Latin America. He is an entrepreneur alongside his wife, Aimee Alvarez, serving as an advisor for their top-rated local pet care facility, Fit and Go Pets. He graduated from Escola de Administração Mauá – Sao Paulo, Brazil with a degree in Business Administration and earned a MBA in Finance from Instituto Brasileiro de Mercado de Capitais (IBMEC) – Sao Paulo, Brazil.