Brion Bonkowski. A leader in the enterprise software and payments space, Brion began his entrepreneurial career in San Francisco during the dot-com boom, selling his first software-as-a-service company, Govedo, to Borland Software Corporation in 2001. Brion moved to New York City the following year and co-founded MIG & Co., a Microsoft enterprise software integrator. Under Brion’s leadership, MIG quickly became an Inc. 500 company. Seeking greater return multiples than those typically secured from service companies, Brion left MIG in 2010 and started two companies: (1) an enterprise payment processing company called ROI Payments and (2) a Microsoft venture for grant management called GrantVantage. After simultaneously growing those revenue streams so that both companies became self-sustaining, Brion turned his attention to the issuing side of payments. He launched Tern in 2015 after acquiring a virtual cross-border prepaid program called US Unlocked. As Chief Executive Officer of Tern, Brion is responsible for driving Tern to lead the banking-as-a-service space globally.

Brion currently sits on the board of Tern, GrantVantage, NYPAY, and the Kilimanjaro Initiative. NYPAY is a nonprofit that serves as New York’s leading forum for innovators and leaders in payments and mobile commerce. Brion also serves as Chairman of the Board for the Kilimanjaro Initiative, which brings together inner-city youth leaders from New York City and East Africa to hike the highest mountain in Africa. Brion has successfully summited Kilimanjaro five times with this nonprofit.