A recent survey developed by the Group revealed an NPS of 84 and 87% of customers, assigning scores 9 and 10 that are willing to recommend B&T Câmbio to a friend or colleague. In the same survey, 77% of customers would use the adjective Reliable to describe the products and services offered by the institution, while Service Responsiveness was evaluated with a score of 9.4 out of 10.

“As valuable as the dedication to the services that we provide, is the satisfaction of having the acknowledgement of our customers. This is how we fulfill our mission of offering the best commercial conditions, in an upstanding and transparent way, exceeding customer expectations and generating credibility and growth to the company”, says Tulio Portella, commercial director of the B&T Group.

Daniel Costa, developer and CEO of Icarus Tech, a startup that builds technological projects for companies in Brazil and the United States, describes his experience with B&T’s support. “B&T has been our business partner for over 6 years, and throughout this time we have always been able to count on the promptness and outstanding attention of the entire team. Before our relationship with B&T, to send and receive international payments were a big issue for our company, and since the beginning of our partnership, it has been as simple and fast as texting on Whatsapp.”

Technological side

With the technology advance, foreign exchange market has become less bureaucratic and accessible than 30 years ago. This evolution has made customer experience a top priority for players who want to stay on top and that is the reason why B&T is investing in new technology platforms as the industry rapidly evolves. In a few months, the company is going to launch the second generation of its mobile app EasyWay Remessas, which has been renamed and will be called IZZI. The goal is to offer an online and intuitive journey in cross border payments, such as international transfers from account to account, approaching mainly an audience ranging from the ages of 25 and 55.

Looking into a solution that would suit companies of all sizes, the institution seeks to expand its customer base, by the concept of International Payments As a Service. “Many companies present themselves as complete solutions for sending funds abroad, but actually they are platforms that seek clients and outsource its operation to other companies. We are looking into growing within this outsourcing, establishing ourselves as a facilitator of digital solutions for fintechs, remittance companies and any other companies that want to generate revenue within the foreign exchange market,” explains Vivian Portella, CEO of B&T Câmbio and Director of International Business of the B&T Group.

National and international growth

Owner of the largest operation in money transactions in its sector, according to the Central Bank’s ranking, operating $35.5 billion US Dollars between 2018 and 2021, B&T Câmbio covers 189 countries.

Recovering from the effects of the pandemic that affected the global market, the institution’s volume of operations grew 165% when compared to the first half of this year and the second half of 2020, which of those 209% in Commercial exchange and 87% in Tourism exchange. The number of operations increased by 97%, being 132% in Commercial and 95% in Tourism in the same comparison.

“These outcomes are the result of an important restructuring carried out in the last two years, which goes through all areas of B&T Câmbio, also taking into account how we are seeing the future of companies belonging to the B&T Group,” explains Tulio Portella. In addition to B&T Câmbio, Europa Câmbio group includes 20 retail stores, B&T Consultoria and B&T Global, a Miami- Florida-based consulting firm dedicated to serving people and companies doing business with Brazil. Together, companies generate 230 direct jobs.

Internationally, the company seeks to expand its operations in strategic markets, such as the United States. There, the consulting branch has been serving its clients since 2018 through B&T Global. One of the growth front in the U.S. subsidiary is based on offering consultancy for international payment solutions. “The pandemic practically forced businesses to digitize and brought new ways of doing business. Geographical barriers have also become virtual. Therefore, people and companies have opened up to international opportunities, which increased the demand for structured payment services between countries by 72% from 2020 to 2021, according to a recent study by B&T Câmbio,” says Vivian.

In a completely different global scenario from two years ago, not only the company itself, but the entire B&T Group is prepared to deliver results with confidence, promptness, innovation and customer satisfaction for the next 30 years.

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