What have you learned about yourself since becoming B&T Câmbio Commercial Director?

I believe that what I’ve learned the most is that we don’t go anywhere alone. The foreign exchange market in Brazil is highly competitive. We have players, such as large retail banks, that are bigger than us, and we need to compete on an equal footing. Many of them have a marketing budget equivalent to our net worth. This reminds me of the story of David and Goliath. To be efficient and victorious, we need to be aligned and rowing everyone in the same direction and with synchrony and strategy. With a well-organized team oriented towards the same north, we are reaching our goals little by little.

What are your expectations in your new role?

Since the beginning of my career at B&T, I have always sought more knowledge and specialization in the area. Among some of my courses, I highlight an MBA in Management in Foreign Trade and International Business and a Postgraduate Degree in Family Business Management. Undoubtedly, this knowledge was of great importance in overcoming this position’s challenges. However, as it is such a specific business, I emphasize that most of the knowledge I have today was acquired through conversations and day-to-day activities with excellent professionals at B&T. The know-how we have here is fundamental to the success of the business. So, I expect to continue fostering an open and healthy communication culture to learn from each other, share experiences, and analyze learning lessons as we take our company to the next level. 

Who inspires you?

Customer Satisfaction. Offering solutions and tools that make customers choose to work with us is highly inspiring; it’s what makes me wake up every day and move forward here at B&T Câmbio. We are sure that, despite the 29 years of history, this is just the beginning of B&T. There’s still a lot of good stuff to come!

How would people that know you describe you? 

They would describe me as a dedicated person who fights to accomplish goals.

Why did B&T Câmbio decide to go through a generational leadership change? 

B&T is a 29-year-old family business. I think of it as my little brother (laughs). Throughout its development, we always seek to merge the positive aspects of a family business with the positive aspects of professional management. This is what we continue to do and what makes B&T the largest foreign exchange brokerage in Brazil. What we are doing is nothing more than following our industry’s natural flow. We have good people and good processes to move forward in this market.

Where do you find meaning in your life?

I understand that we are passing through and that we have to do our best in this passage. I believe work, friends, and family are the foundation for a successful life. A good structuring of these pillars makes everything happen more straightforwardly. We have greater and more ambitious plans for B&T! That makes me feel excited and enthusiastic about our promising future and challenges me every day to give my best.


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