Beeteller is an Electronic Money Institution specializing in B2B cross-border payments. We are regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil and certified by the Brazilian Association of Fintechs. Since 2018, Beeteller has connected global companies to the Latam market through local payment methods. We are present in Brazil and several countries around the world, contributing to the development of the payments industry. 

Beeteller has an API solution that automates and facilitates the processing of Payments (Payin and Payout) and international transfers, offering users all the payment methods available in Latin America. Our business positioning is focused on the financial services, SaaS, Tourism, Education, and iGaming industries.

We are globally committed to the best Compliance Practices and Standards of Conduct to enable an environment that reconciles efficiency and integrity—complying with national and international laws and standards that regulate payment arrangements and institutions – and in compliance with the regulation that guides our industry.

Beeteller Group’s Compliance Policy consists of internal procedures for integrity, due diligence, internal audit, prevention and monitoring of money laundering and terrorist financing, reporting to regulatory bodies of possible irregularities, and the practical application of codes of conduct. To support our Compliance Policy, we use modern tools to prevent reputational and transactional fraud, ensuring security for our business and our customers.

Our code of conduct and ethics defines premises of legal, reputational, and commercial security that reflect the identity of the companies within the Beeteller Group. Our ambition is to deliver quality products and services to our customers with a high level of compliance.

For more legal and compliance information, visit our page at https://www.corporate.beeteller.com/legal-e-compliance?lang=en. 

Mariana Dutra

Beeteller Compliance Officer



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