September 13th, 2024

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CrossTech Innovation 2024 Awards:

The 2024 CrossTech Innovation Awards is a prestigious ceremony honoring leading-edge innovation and exceptional performance in cross-border payment firms. An interactive and dynamic platform where technological strides in financial services are celebrated, with particular emphasis on improving transactional efficiency, security, and global accessibility. Each cross-border payments innovation award emphasizes the critical role that creativity, leadership, and technological progress play in defining the future landscape of cross-border payments, mirroring the sector’s adaptation to the evolving requirements of international trade and finance, spotlighting the varied roles that technology and visionary leadership play in advancing the sector, featuring a mix of conventional fintech solutions alongside revolutionary blockchain/crypto technologies.

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Outstanding Innovative Blockchain/Crypto Cross-Border Payment Solution by a Fintech Company

Fintech companies leveraging blockchain technology and crypto-based solutions to create transformative cross-border payment networks. Criteria include the innovative integration of scalability, efficiency, compliance, and potential for adoption within the cross-border fintech payment industry.

Women Leadership & Impact in the Cross-Border Payments Industry

This award recognizes outstanding women leaders who have significantly contributed to the cross-border payments industry, demonstrating exceptional leadership, innovation, and advocacy for diversity and inclusion. Criteria include leadership achievements, innovation in cross-border payment solutions, advocacy for diversity and inclusion, mentorship, and measurable impact on industry growth.

Cross-border Payment Service and Product Innovation Award

This accolade is dedicated to businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in facilitating seamless, secure, and efficient cross-border financial interactions. This prestigious award recognizes mature companies that have established themselves as leaders in the fintech industry for five years or more. It celebrates the exceptional achievement of organizations pioneering the future of financial transactions with innovative services and products in the cross-border payments sector. 

Fintech-driven Cross-Border Payment Solution

This award recognizes fintech companies that innovate cross-border remittance solutions prioritizing affordability, accessibility, and reliability. Criteria include the innovative use of fintech tools, affordability, accessibility, speed, and additional financial empowerment services. We are looking for companies that have been in business for at least five years.

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