Elisabete Botinas (Liz) has 20 years experience in Financial Services, including Banking, Money Transmitter, and Fintech’s. I have been in compliance for the last 12 years with a solid record of clean audits (Bank audits, AML Independent audits, state audits, and federal ex. Title 31). I am currently employed by Transak, who is a developer of integration for a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway. At Transak I got FCA approval in December of 2021 after the FCA had rejected the application as well as the previous MLRO. I also restructured the Risk and Compliance team to be scalable and able to provide support globally. I also set up the US entity and team, which is now ready for business. Before that, I was at Uphold, a virtual currency company in San Francisco Uphold. I built the support, compliance, and fraud team from scratch in Portugal, Mexico, and the US. When I left Uphold in February 2021, the compliance and fraud teams consisted of roughly 100 employees in the US and non-US.

I thrive in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, striving for positive results by applying my collaboration and adaptability abilities. Further, I possess expertise in team management and acumen for maximizing performance and inspiring colleagues. I can visualize success and identify unconventional yet highly effective strategies for achieving it. I have skillfully balanced organizational objectives and productive relationships, strategizing and recommending ways in which to achieve and maintain a competitive business edge. My management and communication talents have supported my professional growth. I was born and raised in Portugal, so I am proficient in Portuguese and Spanish.