Andres Barrero


Andres Barrero, is part of the money transfer industry since 2000 when he started developing software for MSB’s in the United States. He created a well-known software for companies while working with the restriction of technology during those times.

In 2003 he started his solo venture with ControlBox Corp. a software development company, with all his expertise. ControlBox offered a new business model for that era, providing software as a service or SaaS as we know it today, for freight forwarders and international cargo companies.

Mr Barrero and his entrepreneurial attitude did not stop there, he later started the ControlMoney project in 2007 to attend money transfer companies with success and the motive of doing easy and simpler software that fits on a global market, expanding their workforce to USA, Colombia, Philippines, The Netherlands and Dubai.

After that process, more companies and services have been added to the now ControlBox Group, is a company specialized in connectivity for money transfer businesses, is delivering thousands of texts messages every day for our customers and even free services such as where companies or people are free to search names over sanctioned lists around the world with our in-house FNP algorithm, and the with information in case of emergency. if you want to know more about the new ideas  drop a line, he will be happy to answer.