qoute_ico01 IMTC USA in San Francisco was the best IMTC so far and everyone else thought so too. I think being in SF really brought balance to the attendees and a fresh look at fintech/blockchain/virtuals/emerging companies .
In the compliance segment., Connie did a great job recruiting the right people and the topics and caliber of speakers were excellent.

Laura Goldzung

qoute_ico01 Thank you for your tireless work to put on a truly unique and valuable conference. We appreciated each detail from the panelists to subject matters to the opportunities to network. I’ve taken part in many conferences, but this was one of the most productive three conference days I’ve taken part in. We look forward to participating in future IMTC conferences. qoute_ico02

Elizabeth McCauley

qoute_ico01 This conference [IMTC USA] was a well-run, professional-grade conference in all respects and attended by high quality professionals. In my book, being referred to as a professional-grade operation is about the highest praise I can offer or receive. I look forward to continuing our relationship.qoute_ico02

Geoffrey Rempel

qoute_ico01 I want to take a moment to really thank you for hosting a wonderful conference in Delhi. I learnt a lot whilst having a chance to meet many companies and people!qoute_ico02

Anil Kapur

qoute_ico01 Hugo, you are doing amazing work these days! The Cuba conference surpassed my expectations by a mile. Like I said in the video, I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it!qoute_ico02

Andrew S. Ittleman

qoute_ico01 It was great knowing you, Hugo. You and your team did a really great job in IMTC ASIA in Delhi. Really appreciate your efforts towards initiating this forum in India!qoute_ico02

Angaj Bhandari

qoute_ico01 It was indeed great attending IMTC Asia 2016 in New Delhi, helped me to meet industry friends and at the same time found some new business opportunities.qoute_ico02

Samir Vidhate

Me dio mucho gusto tener la oportunidad  de conocerlo y a su equipo de trabajo durante la IMTC LATAM que patrocinamos;  espero a futuro poder explorar la oportunidad de compartir otras reuniones y agradezco su colaboración en todos nuestros requerimientos; igualmente quiero felicitarlo por su exposición y comentarios; nos abre un  mundo de oportunidades en este sector al cual le coloco la misma pasión y energía que usted menciona en sus conferencias.


Luis Melo

Como patrocinadores y participantes les agradecemos por todas sus atenciones durante el magno evento que llevaron a cabo en Antigua, fue un placer compartir con cada uno de ustedes.


Luis Montenegro

Fue un gusto conocerles y agradezco la oportunidad a Red Katalysis, de presentar nuestro Proyecto Remesas y Ahorros. La conferencia  abordó temas de actualidad con mucho profesionalismo y sencillez, eso hizo que fuese muy amigable y enriquecedor para todos. Agradezco al equipo de la IMTC en Guatemala, que nos permitieron que todo estuviera de lo mejor

Lucy Bu de Bueso

Francisco y yo queríamos daros la enhorabuena por la excelente organización del evento de Madrid. Creo que en esta ocasión habéis superado el nivel de contenidos y la interacción entre los asistentes!

Miguel Linares

qoute_ico01  I would like to wholeheartedly thank IMTC for the fantastic opportunity to meet so many great people from the field of migration and remittances. I am really moved by their openness and kindness. I will do my best to stay in touch with everyone I met, and develop further collaboration qoute_ico02

Alina Cazachevici

Ha sido privilegio compartir con ustedes estos días en  IMTC  EMEA 2017 en Madrid. Agradezco todas las atenciones y trato recibido y quedo a disposición para contribuir a la industria que nos une.

Luis Rodriguez Soler

I want to thank you for the opportunity to provide remarks at IMTC. It was an absolutely fantastic crowd and it was a pleasure to inform them of what GAO is currently working on and to connect with attendees and hear their perspectives. We look forward to interviewing several who reached out to me at the event. Congratulations to you and the entire team for a tremendous conference. It was the most enjoyable conference I have attended in 2016. Well done!

Tonita Gillich

qoute_ico01Parabéns pelo evento ! Em nome de toda à Diretoria da ABRACAM, quero agradecer a oportunidade que o IMTC proporcionou para o Brasil e em especial à ABRACAM. Sentimos honrados com o evento e esperamos ter contribuído da melhor forma possível. Estendo esses agradecimentos à toda a equipe fantástica do IMTC.qoute_ico02

Luciano Hayata

qoute_ico01I was able to share the success of Bitcoin. I shared the technology and learn from the people in the industry on how to leverage network of independent money transmittors. I had a great time in Miami.qoute_ico02

Haseeb Awan

qoute_ico01It was very exciting for me to be part of the MTBIT on IMTC Las Vegas 2016. Blockchain technologies and new companies entering the Remittance industry are here to stay. Now what is going to be interesting is to see how existing players adapt in the near futureqoute_ico02

Fernando Gutierrez

qoute_ico01It was an excellent forum [MTBIT] and I really appreciate being a part of it. It is exciting to see how new players are trying to gain market share.qoute_ico02

Albert Srour

Antes que nada quiero darte las gracias por la oportunidad de haber podido participar de tan gran evento organizado por ti y tu equipo de trabajo para  la Industria de Remesas, te felicito por esta conferencia ya que cada año se ve el fruto de tus esfuerzos; Éxito Total!.

Rosie Mazzuera

Realmente fue un evento muy exitoso y se pudo notar claramente que están apostando a mejorar año a año… mis felicitaciones por los resultados obtenidos !!!!

Cecilia Oronoz

qoute_ico01First of all, congratulations for such a successful event in Miami! It is impressive how much IMTC got BIG since the last conference I went in 2012. The things I heard from the speakers were very interesting and will be very helpful in our work in Brazil.qoute_ico02

Aloisio Matos

Dear Connie: I want to take this opportunity and thank you again. I was honored to meet you with your extend of knowledge ,practicality and personality that was clearly one step over the rest of the crowd.
Doron Eldar

Doron Eldar

I learned a lot in your compliance course and I thought you did an awesome job as a moderator. You were direct and honest and I really appreciated that. I gained more out of your course and hearing you speak than I had previously thought before attending IMTC. Thank you!

Pablo Bolanos

First time I played in the US and this course made me desire to play more. I liked it, not to tough but not easy. A lot of water and sand where I spent quite some time. Awesome carts with integrated gps, enough cool water barrels along the course, a nice putting area.


Perfect Round !!!!!” ***** Stopped here on a business trip and the course was better than I could have ever imagined. The course was well kept challenging and the staff was top notch. A definite play for golfers of any skill level. Amazing.


The greens were pristine … could not ask for better up-keep. The layout of the course was fun and challenging. A definite place to play if you are in the area. Also, the clubhouse food and service is perfect…


I wanted to take a moment again and thank you for inviting me to participate in your course. I learned a great deal about the money transmitter business and yet I know I’ve only scratched the surface.

Steven Michaels – Digital Currency Institute

Great Course! The information shared during the day really was informative. Loved learning it … and I’m not a classroom kinda guy. As I drove home I knew I had learned so much because of your knowledge all over the world in the money transfer and remittance business. Again, thanks so much. Continued success to you.

Steve Jasco

El IMTC es un evento muy importante para todos quienes conformamos esta industria de las remesas, un espacio donde aglutina todo empresario involucrado en este negocio, nos da la oportunidad de crecer conociendo nuevos participantes y empresas y también nos permite poder dialogar ampliamente sobre las dificultades que afrontamos a diario. Encuentro muy interesante el haber ampliado los eventos como por ejemplo a España y el de Brasil, países muy importantes en el rubro remesas. Felicitaciones por el éxito logrado y por la calidad y profesionalismo del evento!

José Luis Tomé

Me gustaría felicitar a la IMTC por el excelente evento y lo invaluable que ha sido para nosotros tanto desde el contenido de la conferencia y como desde una perspectiva de networking. Apreciamos mucho su profesionalismo, su dedicación constante y su amabilidad durante todo el evento.

Catherine BanneuxSwift