ZipZap is a technology platform for moving money around the world.

ZipZap was launched initially as a global cash network. We identified a need for purchasing items on the internet with cash in countries where credit cards didn’t exist. People had access to e-commerce sites but didn’t have a way to buy items. ZipZap fulfilled the need.

We then learned how cash needed to evolve into a digital form to be efficient. We identified high demand for digital currencies and were early pioneers in building a bridge between traditional payment options and digital currencies.

We now plan on taking all that we have learned in traditional and digital currencies to build a new remittance solution utilizing the best of both worlds.  Sign up to learn more about Zed, a mobile app to send money around the world. Funds are sent in minutes because we combine traditional and innovative payment solutions while minimizing costs. Sign up to be among the first to try our revolutionary remittance solution; send money as low as $5 from the US to India at no cost!