Executive Director of Bantrab


Bantrab was born in 1966 to meet the credit needs of workers and promote their well-being. It occupies the sixth position in the volume of assets and is one of the most profitable institutions in the Guatemalan banking system. In this interview, your CEO talks about leadership and industry challenges.


Herbert, you run an organization of over 4,600 people. What do you consider to be the qualities that characterize good leadership?


Leaders must have sufficient studies and experience to carry out their role, have a short, medium, and long-term strategic vision, adapt to change and foster the conditions for human talent to develop and identify with the organization. All this will make the organization achieve its goals. There is no leader without results.


What element has marked your trajectory in Bantrab?


The genuine interest in supporting workers to achieve their comprehensive well-being. We have designed a strategy based on three pillars: financial, social, and digital. The first is to offer them products and services to overcome over-indebtedness, rewrite their credit history, fulfill the dream of traveling, buy a house or a vehicle, or start a business. The second includes financial education initiatives, labor inclusion, sports, and community support; and the third technological tools to bring banking closer to workers.


What is Bantrab’s competitive advantage in the remittance industry?


Bantrab recognizes the efforts of the 3.4 million Guatemalans who live and work in the United States. They overcame fear and uncertainty in search of work to provide a better life for their loved ones. This, and our mission is to promote the welfare of workers wherever they are, motivated us to develop the Bantrab Remittances App, which allows migrants to send money free of charge and in real-time to their family and friends in Guatemala from their cell phones. We also offer you the opportunity to open and manage Bantrab accounts from your cell phone through the YoLo electronic wallet.


Likewise, we address your concern about the use your family and friends in Guatemala make of the money they send. We offer them free tools to take advantage of the fruit of their work, including the BanConsejos personal finance advisory office and the BancAprende financial education platform.


What do you think will be the main challenge for the remittance industry in the coming years?


Digitization. The incursion of actors such as Facebook and Amazon into the financial products and services market requires permanent technological innovation.


What do you expect from Cross Tech World 2022?


Stay at the forefront. I have had the opportunity to participate in this event since its birth and witnessed its evolution and valuable contribution to the industry.


Finally, we would like to explore your facet. Tell us what makes you happy and what you miss most about your childhood.


Happiness is different at each stage of life. At this time, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, I consider that my main reason for joy is my health and that of the people around me.




Herbert Hernández is the Executive General Director of Bantrab. He has more than 25 years of banking experience in Guatemala and the United States. He is a Business Administrator with mast

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