Trade Fair

Next to the Conference Rooms, we will have two rows of stands that will be available for companies to display their banners, brochures and marketing materials in order to promote their brand, their products & services to the Cuban Invitees that will be attending the event. The IMTC CUBA 2016 Trade Fair will be the first of its kind in the history of the island.

It will be the first time that international companies that serve Cubans all over the world (or plan to serve them) will be able to show who they are and what they stand for. International companies who feel that Cuba can be a potential market for their future expansion should take this great opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations to define the strategy, and most of all, meet their Cuban counterparts.

Note: We are requesting the Hotel for a change in space for the Trade Fair and we will be visiting Havana to that effect. If there is a change in Trade Fair design companies that have signed contracts will be given priority to choose new placement (first come first served)



Conference Layout-IMTCCUBA 2016 HCM


1 -available
2 -available
3 -available
4 -available
5 -RESERVED - Realtransfer
6 -Transferto
7 -Sigue
9 -available
10 -available
11 -available
12 -Mohr World

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We have many promotional opportunities at IMTC. You can check the Sponsorship Package for some interesting propositions. But if you have any great marketing idea for your product or service, let us know.