A Cuban Tourist Card needs to be purchased either through a travel agent or at the airline airport check-in for a price that fluctuates between US 20 to US 100 depending the country of departure. Tourist Card can be purchased when landing in Havana at US $90 but most airlines won’t let you board if you don’t have one. Tourist Card SampleFor Cuban authorities you are allowed to participate in IMTC CUBA 2016 with this “Tourist Card”, no more paperwork or requirements. All citizens of every country have to pay for this “Tourist Card” as far as we have been told. Keep the stub; it will be required when departing Cuba. Business Visas are specialized and complex and do not apply in our case.

If you are coming from Eastern United States you can now book flights online to Cuba. One airline is Havana Air (Eastern), the other Gulfstream (Aruba Air). American Airlines, Jet Blue and others are flying scheduled routes but are sold as charters through specialized travel agencies. The problem is that you have to go and get your tickets with them; maybe some can courier the tickets to you. We are not selling tickets but if you need help or guidance, please contact us.

If you are a US Person: There are the 12 categories of permitted travel to Cuba by US authorities. US persons qualify for a “general license” since IMTC CUBA 2016 is designated as a professional meeting; The professional meetings category (OFAC Code 515.564) allows any US Person registered to the conference to legally visit CUBA to take part of the conference provided that the conference directly relates to the profession, professional background, and/or area of expertise of the participant and the traveler’s schedule of activities does not include free time or recreation in excess of that consistent with a full-time schedule of attendance at the conference. All US persons should consult the OFAC webpage and their FAQ pdf (section II).  There is more information here. If you have questions contact us.


  • Are there direct flights from the US to Havana?
    • Yes there are but they are not easy to find and purchase online (only Havana Air and Gulfstream now). There is no charter flight for IMTC CUBA attendees.
  • Are there other ways to travel to Cuba from the US than Miami?
    • Yes, if you are on the West Coast (or even Texas) is much cheaper to take a flight to Mexico and from Mexico to Cuba than to flight to Miami and then to Cuba. You can also travel with Continental/Copa through Panama which works very well.
  • Do I need a Visa to travel to Cuba to attend IMTC CUBA?
    • if you are a registered attendee and fly with our Travel Certificate. YOU DO NEED TO PURCHASE A TOURIST CARD which is sold by your airline upon boarding. See above. Every registered attendee is requested to fill a Travel Certificate Request Form so we can issue a Travel Certificate to take with you and if you are a US citizen, to keep for your records.
  • Do I need special medical insurance to travel to Cuba?
    • Cuba requires everyone to have medical insurance. It might be charged as part of your ticket like Havana Air does. There are travel agents who will sell you a temporary policy upon arrival at the Havana airport for a reasonable rate (roughly $3 USD per day) but some airlines won’t let you board without one. We have a Travel Agency that will sell it to you online but only if you book your flight with them; contact us. after registering.
  • Why are all the flights from the US to Havana sold online go through Mexico or Panama?
    • Not all, Havanair and Gulstream are now selling online directly (not though Expedia, etc.). We are seeing the last days of the “charter” flights from the US sold through specialized agencies. Commercial airlines such as Continental/Copa (through Panama City) or Interjet & Aeromexico (through Cancun  or Mexico City) offer one-stop flights which might take longer (because of the layovers) but are normally cheaper.

TRAVEL INFORMATION – There are many airlines travelling to Cuba.

US Companies are flying as Charters (American, Jet Blue) with tickets sold through travel agents but will soon make those same flights “non-charter” and sell them as they do other flights. For online bookings in the US visit Havana Air.

More than +50 airlines travel to Cuba with scheduled flights; you can find many deals online unless you are flying from the US. This is a recent list of all the airlines arriving in Cuba:

Aeroflot (SU)
Russian Airlines, commonly known as Aeroflot is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation.

Aerogaviota is the youngest airline of Cuba. The airline is operated by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Cuba. It provides flights to the main resort-islands surrounding mainland Cuba, as well as regional flights to Jamaica, etc.

Aeroméxico (AM)
Aerovías de México, S.A. de C.V., operating as Aeroméxico, is an airline in Mexico based in Mexico City. Is the second largest airline in México.

Air Canada (AC)
Air Canada is Canada’s flag air carrier, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

Air Europa (UX)
Air Europa, an airline based in Luccmajor, Majorca, Spain

Air France (AF)
One of the world’s largest airlines and a founding member of the SkyTeam global alliance

Air New Zealand (NZ)
Air New Zealand Limited (NZ) is the national airline and flag carrier of New Zealand, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Air Transat (TS)
The Canadian airline Air Transat is based in Montreal.

Avianca (AV)
Avianca S.A. was the flag carrier airline of Colombia, but was bought by a Brazilian Investor and it is now also one of the major Brazilian airlines. It is headquartered in Bogotá, D.C.

Blue Panorama (BV)
Blue Panorama Airlines is an airline based in Rome, Italy.

Cayman Airways (KX)
Cayman Airways is an airline based in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and is the national carrier of the Cayman Islands.

COPA Airlines (CM)
Copa Airlines is the national airline of Panama based in Panama City.

Cubana de Aviacion (CU)
Cubana de Aviación S.A is the leading airline of Cuba.

Insel Air (7I)
Insel Air is an airline based in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

Interjet is a Mexican Airline offering flights to Cuba

KLM (KL) stands for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (usually called Royal Dutch Airlines) and is the flag carrier of the Netherlands, with Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam as home base.

Sunwing Airlines (WG)
The Canadian airline Sunwing Airlines Inc. offers mainly scheduled and charter flights between Canada and tourist resort destinations in the Caribbean, such as Cuba.

Virgin Atlantic (VS)
Follow the path of a major British success story. From their first leased jumbo, to the UK’s second largest long haul airline, Virgin Atlantic has come a long way.

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