Ines Fernandez, is a capital markets and technology leader with experience in North American and European markets. She has a broad range of experience across the capital markets ecosystem including technology, analytics, equities lending trading, equities sales, and equities algorithmic trading.

Her strategic vision has allowed her to look for ways to transform the business for the future, so she often find herself leading new product and change initiatives, opening new markets, and influencing enterprise strategies.

At the moment, she is very excited to be part of the Web 3.0 revolution at Aquanow where she is leading the solutions engineering team.

Her various roles in sales, trading, M&A, strategy, and project management have led to a number of core values she always apply in her work:

  • She believe great customer service is founded on trusting, genuine relationships. Caring about people and solving their problems is the best way to build a business.
  • Being detail-oriented is important, but she never forget to zoom out for the big picture.
  • She value diversity of ideas, she care about her team, and invest in their development.
  • She ensure goals are clear so that we are always working together in the same direction.

She also has a number of passions including playing music and a variety of sports. She love joining bands, choirs, or dance groups to flex her creative muscles.