Jennifer Holguin, Jennifer Holguin is an accomplished international consultant with expertise in Finance, Sales, and Marketing. At CrossTech Consulting formerly known as Mohr World Consulting, she is crucial in crafting effective business strategies and acts as the company’s representative, fostering collaborations within the financial sector. Her banking experience spans Latin American countries, including Citibank and Banco de Occidente positions, allowing her to respond to market demands and drive company growth effectively.

Jennifer possesses proficiency in pricing strategies and identifying target markets, enabling her to propel companies to higher performance levels. Her financial acumen extends to strengthening strategies, managing debt, and overseeing operating budgets in investments and services. Her extensive consultancy background broadens her client base and ensures meticulous budget and human resource management.

Her adept communication with high-ranking executives streamlines the flow of information for ongoing projects and plans. Some of her notable achievements encompass conducting audits of national reports, developing contingency plans, detecting threats, identifying growth opportunities, and formulating action plans for boosting sales.