Jorge Mondal Chew. Electrical Engineer, with higher studies at the Central American Institute of Business Administration -INCAE-, where he obtained a master’s degree in Business Administration and a postgraduate degree in Functional Business Administration. He has studies in Advancing Negotiation Skills, Comprehensive Corporate Risk Management and Corporate Risk Coaching. He served as Corporate Manager of the Corporate Bank, in addition to being the Legal Representative of the Financial, Brokerage House, Storage, Security and Securities Management of said entity. He led the Grupo Papelera Internacional, S.A.; He was a key player in the formation and development of Huawei Telecommunications Guatemala, S.A., where he started as Key Account Manager until he was promoted to Business Vice President of the Group of Companies and Vice President of Corporate and Media Affairs. He was sworn in as President of the Board of Directors of Banco de los Trabajadores, on April 15, 2021.