Luis Cambronero, entrepreneur, business growth, Revenue, sales and partnership expert, quick learner, adventurer, and an expert in the payments and web3 industry.

I have been developing my career in this sector, in top companies such as Moneygram, to various companies in the UK, Morocco , Ecuador, Africa, Spain and finally founding TransferZero Money Transfer, the next step in the world of money transfers/remittances in Europe.

TransferZero was acquired by AZA Finance ( Formerly BitPesa ) in 2018 and I have taken over the Sales/Partners team since then.

Aza Finance is a global fintech company that is accelerating economic growth in Africa through its best-in-class foreign exchange, payments, settlement, and treasury services.

Last years I have been Learning and developing new sales and personal growth skills for building, managing revenue, sales teams, business growth and working with product teams to develop and validate new products and partnerships.

My other passion is the Crypto/web3 industry. I really focused the last 6 years to learn and participate in the industry specially into understanding, participating, and consulting DeFi projects/protocols within the web3 ecosystem.