Marina Olman-Pal Greenberg Traurig Shareholder Practice focus: Financial Services Regulatory Compliance, Fintech, Payments, Banking, Blockchain & Digital Assets, Corporate, Latin America Practice

XT. Tell us about your professional trajectory and the role you have within your company.

MO. I began my legal career focusing my practice on bank regulatory compliance matters and was fortunate to be mentored by a leading lawyer and an authority on anti-money laundering laws and regulatory compliance.

After a three-year sabbatical to stay at home with my two young children, I joined Greenberg Traurig as a practice group attorney and once again was fortunate to work alongside another leading lawyer in financial services.

Having worked on numerous complex transactions and regulatory matters in the fintech and banking sectors throughout my career, many with multi-jurisdictional components, I developed a solid fintech, payments and bank regulatory compliance practice, with a focus on Latin America.

Born in Argentina, my native Spanish is a major advantage when working with clients and local partners in the region. Being Latin American, I connect naturally with our clients and counterparts, and understand the idiosyncrasies of the region.

With my cultural background and native Spanish, I am able to effectively guide our Latin American clients through the legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to their business in the U.S. and, in outbound matters, work effectively with local partners to guide our U.S. clients in ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in the region.

My career has progressed quickly at GT, where I was elevated to shareholder in early 2022. My work has been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America, Corporate Law, 2023, and The Legal 500 Latin America Guide, “Latin America: Mexico,” 2023 Banking & Finance, 2023. I have also been selected by the National Law Review as a “Go-to thought Leader” in Anti-Money Laundering matters.

XT. What elements have marked your trajectory in Greenberg Traurig, LLP?

MO. At Greenberg Traurig, I’ve had endless opportunities to further develop my practice and grow professionally.

Due to the collaboration between our offices and attorneys, and our firm’s diverse client base, I have worked on a broad range of complex and innovative fintech, banking, digital assets and payments matters.

With the support of the firm, I am also involved in fintech and banking industry groups, participating in industry committees, speaking on panels and publishing articles on legal and legislative developments.

This year, I was given the opportunity to lead our Miami office’s financial services practice. The firm has trusted my experience and knowledge in this highly specialized practice area and has provided me with the tools and support I need to ensure our practice continues to grow. This has been one of the most challenging and most exciting moments in my career.

XT. What do you consider are the main qualities of a leader in the process of achieving goals and objectives?

MO. Good leaders are passionate, committed and courageous. The best leaders I know can identify and support the strengths and talents of their team members, and build teams that collaborate and are committed to achieving common goals.

As a Hispanic woman in a leadership role, I view mentorship as a responsibility, particularly when it relates to mentoring other women. I recognize that I would not be where I am today without the mentorship I have received throughout my career. Mentorship must involve support, accessibility and opportunities for growth. Thus, I strive to continuously connect with my team and keep an “open door” policy for questions and brainstorming. This is important not only to help my team succeed with their assignments, but also to guide them through the intricacies of starting and advancing their careers at an AM Law Global 100 law firm.

XT. What does “success” mean to the company? What does it mean to you?

MO. Success at Greenberg Traurig means supporting our clients in meeting their business goals by delivering excellent service and value through our collaborative platform.

For me, it’s been very rewarding to see how the firm’s model has supported the growth of our fintech practice.

Since I joined the firm, our fintech client base has grown from early-stage disruptors and middle-market firms to sophisticated multi-national and Fortune 500 companies that are at the forefront of the industry.

Greenberg Traurig is now recognized as one of the leading firms in the fintech and digital assets sector, ranked in Chambers and Partners in the U.S., Japan, Mexico and Poland, as well as the Legal 500s’ Fintech U.S. Guide.

Success as a fintech attorney means evolving with the industry by staying abreast of legislative and regulatory developments, and understanding the development of new financial products and services models, and the technology that supports them.

Adaptability to change is critical in this practice area and I love the intellectual challenge that comes with it.

XT. What inspires you to move forward in/with your company?

MO. Greenberg Traurig has a culture that is centered on diversity, collaboration, teamwork and client service.

At the firm, I can collaborate with a diverse, knowledgeable and deeply experienced team to provide my clients a full-service experience and help them navigate through transactions and legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to their business.

This, together with the invaluable support and friendship I receive from my team, colleagues and mentors, inspire me to continue growing and moving forward within the firm.