The third Adyen Mobile Payments Index covering the period September to December 2013 was announced Friday, January 30th. The Index shows mobile payments accounted for 19.5% of all transactions worldwide in December, a growth of 55% year-over-year, up from 12.6% December 2012. The data shows tablets to be the preferred device for higher value transactions over smartphones and even PCs in some cases.

The top four industries were: Travel, Gaming, Reatail and Ticketing. Travel saw an increase of 22% in mobile payments with nearly 30% of all transactions made over smartphone or tablet. Gaming has seen the greatest increase in mobile payments over the last four months, up by 35% to 12%. Mobile transaction volume in retail has also risen by a third, up to 23%. Ticketing now sees 20% of transactions on mobile devices, up by 12%, and digital goods payments are 18% mobile, up by 9%.  I foresee that ticketing will rise substantially as public transportation in many parts of the world going mobile.

Other very interesting information from the article is the Transaction volume per device. In Travel, smartphones was 17.5% while tablets accounted for 11.9%. In Retail, tablets were 15.9% and smartphones 7.1%. Also, Average transaction value in Travel per device was: PC 131 Euros (US $179); tablet 89 Euros (US $122) and smartphone 44 Euros (US $60). In Retail, tablet 89 Euros (US $122); PC 67 Euros (US $92) and smartphone 66 Euros (US $90). The Gaming data was very interesting to me: although 82% of transactions were made on a PC, compared with 3% on tablet devices, the average transaction value was markedly higher on tablet devices at 45 Euros (US $62 USD), compared with 37 Euros (US $51) on PCs and 33 Euros (US $45) on smartphones.

Apple remains the most popular platform for mobile payments. The iPad won the highest share of 2014 holiday shopping transactions, taking 41% of mobile transactions over the September to December period, and in second place was the iPhone, at 31.6%. Android smartphones proved more popular than Android tablets, capturing 20% of mobile transactions versus 6.6%. but on the other hand, Android looks to be closing the gap on the iPhone’s lead. In April 2013, iPhone had a 68.5% share of mobile transactions, compared with 30.7% on Android. By August it was 62.5% to 35.9%, and in December 2013, iPhone share stood at 60% and Android at 38.6%. 

Of course for Mobile Transfer, besides the success of M-Pesa and the Mobile Payment providers in Philippines and other countries, the percentage is very low. But as I told all Money Transfer Service Providers, if you are not exploring a Mobile Money Transfer Solution now, you certainly should do it now. Yes, some executives in the industry feel that it is too far in the future, but I respectfully disagree.

You can read the full article here  and look at the Graphics in this PDF:

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