“Moneta” – In Romanian mythology, Moneta (“one who warns”) is a Goddess of memory, prosperity, finances and money. The English word money derives from her name. Moneta was also the name of the temple of Juno Moneta in Rome, where a mint was. Moneta Kiosk LLC (“Moneta”) is a financial services technology company that in processing bill payment transaction thought a secure, multi-channel, cloud-based platform (“Transaction Processing System”). As a “payment technology” company, Moneta combines software platforms and transaction processing capabilities to serve its customers.


Moneta provides a White Label  platform allowing a subscriber the ability to perform secure and compliant money transfers, bills payments and wireless refills services from Self-Serice Kiosk.

Moneta’s flexibility ensures that we tailor our service to the specific needs of our clients. We provide the Money Transmitting industry with a wide variety of industry-leading solutions to help maximize customer experience and loyalty.


Kiosks are here ti stay. Consumers like the self-service aspects they provide, and businesses enjoy the ease of sales they supply. Convenient bill pay starts with self-service and retailers are adopting bill pay kiosks that allow customers to pay all of their bills in one stop.

Unlike over-the-counter payment solutions, Moneta Pay Station enables continual, anytime service. When positioned in an accessible location similar to an ATM site, it provides 24×7 customer access for the ultimate in self-service convenience”.