What We Offer

We offer solutions. We partner with companies that have innovative services or products and work with them to tailor their solutions to our industry. The solutions that we present can decrease your time and cost to market and significantly reduce your investment, open new markets and pathways and give you tools to compete successfully. Ask us.

Open Accounts in Multiple Countries

We at CrossTech Consultants have been able to work with banking institutions that have teamed up with us to help them in procuring clients and establishing long-lasting banking partnerships where both financial institutions understand each other and work together in a cost-sharing compliance structure that works well for both institutions.


Remittance as a Service RaaS

Cross Border White label financial services are relatively new, but they are already part of the digital offerings in many markets worldwide. Regulators, who were once skeptical, are now understanding the value of white labeling. It might be the right solution for you. Ask us.

US Check Cashing

US Checks circulate around the world. Whether they are personal checks, company checks, money orders and traveller checks, checks drawn against US Banks are sent, taken and written in many countries around the world.

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

A rewards program can accelerate the loyalty of businesses & individual customers. They are the best incentive for customers to come back time and time again and feel compensated for using your services. Let us help you chose the best solution.


Payment Platforms & Protocols

Cross Border Payment Rails are platforms that enable businesses to send or receive money transfer payments to and from an individual or company anywhere in the world.


Technology Transformation

There is no organization in the industry that has not began a digital transformation journey, but almost all of them are either caught up between enablement and optimization. There are solutions for your own journey, let us help you chose the best ones.