What We Do For You

We offer many services. Organizations in our industry have many needs. You are constantly needing to adapt, transform, evolve. When you need some help outside of your organization, this is where we come in. We will tailor our services to your needs. We will ask you many questions and analyze what you need and then we will tell you what we can do for you. We want to give you tools to successfully compete. Ask us!

Licensing & Regulatory Assistance

The evolution of the payments landscape has also led to the evolution of licensing requirements for Financial Institutions (FI). We follow regulations closely, we have the experience to manage the application process, and we can help you with licensing submissions in many jurisdictions, like the US, UK, and Europe. We will save you precious time at a fixed cost. We can also advise your team in putting together all the needed documentation. We know how. Ask us.

Compliance Management

No field of expertise in the Cross Border Money Transfer and Payment industry has evolved more than Compliance. Compliance professionals are part of business teams, contributing effectively by managing risk. They are becoming technology solution providers by building strong KYC and Transaction Monitoring solutions using the latest regtech tools. We are ready to support your efforts. Ask us.

Business & Marketing Analysis Management

Providing digital services, entering a new market, or launching a new service or product will only be successful if marketing is part of the equation and analyzing the marketing data collected from online campaigns is not fine-tuned. You need to increase your customer base at the lowest possible cost consistently. We have done that. We have advised companies and created successful campaigns. We have guided in-house marketing teams and propelled them forward. We know how. Ask us.


Valuations & M&As

Financial Services institutions are hard to valuate, especially Cross Border Money Transfer and Payment Companies. Determining the economic value of a business is both a science and an art, and experience in the field is crucial, as well as the management of expectations vs. reality. Sellers and Buyers need the best advice in finding the perfect partner at the best possible price. We can do that. Ask us.

Reputational Risk

When you need a reputational risk analysis of a business, you are partnering with or providing services to, when you need a reputational risk assessment for a regulator, a bank, or a payment processor, we have the expertise to help you. Just contact us and ask.

International Financial Entities

Puerto Rico has been, since the early nineties, attracting investments for its growing International Financial Services Sector. Becoming licensed as an International Financial Entity in Puerto Rico, managing or finding products & services for these organizations is an elaborate process for any company or investment group. We know how. Ask us.

Contractual Agreements

Partnerships have made the Cross Border Money Transfer and Payment industry what it is today. The rapid evolution of the industry, the variety of solution providers and distribution partners, the confidentiality and  compliance liabilities have led to major changes in the contractual agreements between parties. We are ready to analyze and help you achieve fair agreements; we have the experience. Ask us.

Association Advice

We have a long-standing practice of helping Business Associations and Trade Groups connected to the Cross Border Money Transfer and Payment industry. We help them get founded, get organized or reorganized, help them with best practices, and guide them along the way. We have done it before. Let us help you. Ask us.