Alden Pelker is an FBI Digital Payments Expert and her experience in the Digital Payments space has brought her to help the FBI and other branches of the US government to understand the new digital payments world. In September 2015, As an intelligence analyst in the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division in Washington, D.C, Alden wrote, with Brett Nigh, an assistant general counsel in the FBI’s Office of the General Counsel, a must read piece entitled “Virtual Currency: Investigative Challenges and Opportunities“.

She is and advocate of the “vital role” that private companies play in keeping the financial system honest. She was quoted saying: “If you had every single company in this space [digital space] that really did have an effective anti-money-laundering and compliance program, criminals would not be able to move the volumes of funds and the types of funds through the system that they currently are able to.”

Alden is currently pursuing a J.D. in Georgetown University Law Center with an interest in criminal law and cybersecurity. She received a BA in Political Science form Yale University with her Thesis: “Suspended Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Government: The Failure of the Social Contract in Nigeria”.

A frequent speaker in Conferences, such as Money2020 in Las Vegas, the Blockchain Summit in Washington D.C., IMTC is honored to have Ms. Pelker addressing the International Money Transfer & Payments Industry.

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