CrossTech Celebrates Success as More Payment Evolution Consulting Advisor in UniTeller’s Acquisition

CrossTech is thrilled to announce the resounding success of the agreement that paves the way for UniTeller to acquire 100% of MORE Payment Evolution’s shares! We extend our heartfelt congratulations to both companies on reaching this monumental achievement, with CrossTech playing a pivotal role as MORE Payment Evolution’s consulting advisor, guiding, and facilitating the entire agreement process.

“Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, Founder and CEO of CrossTech, and I are honored to have been integral to this strategic collaboration between MORE and UniTeller. Serving as MORE’s consulting advisor, CrossTech worked diligently with both companies to navigate the complexities of the transaction, providing invaluable insights and expertise to ensure a seamless agreement,” said Priscilla D’ Oliveira, COO of CrossTech.

CrossTech deeply acknowledges the visionary leadership and unwavering commitment of both MORE Payment Evolution and UniTeller. We are excited to witness the realization of their shared goals, marking the beginning of a new era. The synergies created by this agreement are poised to bring unparalleled success to the cross-border payments sector. Sergio Perez, CEO of MORE Payment Evolution, and Alberto Guerra, CEO of UniTeller, share a vision of mutual complementarity for the benefit of their business partners.

CrossTech celebrates the ongoing success and future achievements that will undoubtedly arise from this powerful collaboration. We are confident that the combined strengths of MORE and UniTeller will set new benchmarks in the international payment industry, redefining excellence, and innovation.