Trade Fair & Networking Area

Welcome to the USA Trade Fair and Networking Area of the Money Transfer Industry in the US. If your company provides services to the US Money Transmitter industry showcase your product or service to expand your client base or to enter the industry: exhibiting – or doing a promotional sponsorship – is your gateway to unparalleled growth. Our IMTC USA Trade Fair has consistently proven to be a great investment to our past & present sponsors, and have been very satisfied with the number and quality of the leads they got, the new businesses they started and the partners they found. Plus, you have a great IMTC Team behind you to guide you, help you and support you.




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Promotional Opportunities

We have many promotional opportunities at IMTC. You can check the Sponsorship Package for some interesting propositions. But if you have any great marketing idea for your product or service, let us know.


Do you need an office instead of a booth?

Rent your own office and be ready and open for business. The VIP Lounge has Three (3) Offices only. Talk with an IMTC Team Member to see if an office will be a good choice for you.