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Jan Smith

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Jan is a Director in Edgar Dunn & Company’s Mexico City office and leads EDC’s practice in Latin America. He is an international payments expert and successful entrepreneur. For over twenty years he has advised executive teams from Fortune 500 Companies to investment firms on market trends and strategic growth. Jan is a former editor of a monthly business newsletter with 20,000 subscribers, and is quoted in a number of media outlets including Newsweek, Cardline, The Economist and Forbes. Prior to joining EDC, Jan founded the market intelligence firm, InfoAmericas Inc., which was acquired by Kroll Associates Inc. His clients included international and regional processors, card companies, and banks. Jan also served on the Inter-American Dialogue’s Financial Service Board and was VP of Product Development at Banco del Progreso Dominicano. Over his career Jan has directed more than 200 research and consulting projects. He holds degrees from the Univ. de las Americas, in Mexico and the Pontifícia Univ. Católica de São Paulo. Jan has working experience in over 20 countries, and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.