MTBIT – Remittances & Blockchains | 2016

9:00 am-5:30 pm

MTBIT – Remittances & Blockchains – is a day of sessions, panels and roundtables at IMTC where we explore the role of blockchain-based technology companies in the international money transfer & remittances market. Emerging money transfer & remittance systems based on cryptocurrency protocols such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, are challenging traditional remittances methods and we are gathering all the experts from companies and start-ups to meet with seasoned industry professionals to share their expertise, network and partner.

MTBIT @IMTC USA 2016 – March 13, Las Vegas
MTBIT @IMTC BRASIL 2016 – April 13, Sao Paulo
MTBIT @IMTC EMEA 2015 – May 18, Barcelona
MTBIT @IMTC ASIA 2015 – September 19, New Delhi
MTBIT @IMTC WORLD 2016 – November 7, Miami Beach

What is MTBIT Day at IMTC?

MTBIT is developed by IMTC – The International Money Transfer Conferences – to explore the world of the Blockchain & Remittances and create a networking forum where companies & individuals meet and partner. The potential that Bitcoin has in the money transfer & remittance industry is enormous. Bitcoin companies can be a vital part of a new international money transfer system that can include the traditional remittance companies if they adapt and evolve. The blockchain technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be a secure & cost-efficient digital money system that will undoubtedly bring a number of changes to the way we transfer value internationally. All the innovations will become a reality in a not so distant future. Regulation is slowly making the ecosystem more dependable and safer. Compliance and KYC will be even easier than is today. That is why we at IMTC think that it is important to learn, to listen, to analyze and to create partnership between the old and the new to find better ways to move forward as an industry.

MTBIT is the forum to discuss Blockchains & Remittances, to explore the possibilities and create bridges now. The future is now. Come and join us as an attendee, a speaker or panelist or a supporting sponsor!

MTBIT - Bitcoin for Money Transfer Companies - Part 1 of 3

MTBIT - The use of Bitcoin by Money Transfer Operators - Part 2 of 3

MTBIT - The Blockchain for Money Transfer Companies - Part 3 of 3