The MTmig Seminar was developed by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr and Daniel Trias, money transfer experts and consultants to bring to IMTC two issues that are embedded in the every x-border money transfer: migration & financial inclusion. There are 250 million international migrants around the globe and the numbers will continue to climb. South-North, South-South and even North-North migration have become contentious issues in the political discourses of this century. The migration corridors become remittance corridors as migrants care deeply about their families back home. Remittance Service Providers have developed effective, safe and speedy transfer services. But the financial inclusion of senders & recipients is a pressing need for origin & destination countries. Services are developed but the underserved grow in numbers faster than solutions are implemented. The seminar is a chance for everyone connected to these issues to come together and develop partnerships, to offer creative ideas and harness the potential of technological disruption to develop product and services that offer meaningful financial inclusion solutions.

We are inviting experts, entrepreneurs, NGOs, companies, individuals from the public & private sector to help us create an agenda where issues can become openly discussed  and listening to different perspectives and insights, build paths forward for the migrants and their families. After the Seminar we hope that you will walk away with valuable information, clear understanding and deep appreciation of this promising area of work, knowledge that would take months, even years, to acquire.


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The Seminar will be presented in Spanish
Translation will be provided if enough participants require it – Please inquire

THE MTmig Money Transfers, Migration & Financial Inclusion Seminar – Pre-Conference Day

Your MTmig Registration includes a one day seminar with a morning coffee break, Lunch, afternoon coffee break, admission to the Networking Area in the afternoon, and an invitation to the Welcome Reception at the end of the day. The forum will be in Spanish (we will do our best to accommodate panelists that do not speak Spanish, but please inform us of your non-spanish participation). Upon completion of MTmig participants will receive a certificate of participation by email (PDF to print/save).

Attend this one-of-a-kind seminar and share your knowledge, your perspective and listen to other participants while we discuss the development of products & services, some maybe taking months or years to develop, but undoubtedly change the way migrants can leverage their potential with the tools, products & services that the industry can develop for them.

Since most attendees are experienced in many inter-related fields, participation will be encouraged. If you have a product or service that you want to show and discuss, contact us and get invited!


General Subjects discussed at MTmig

  • Financial Services for migrant families in the country of origin & the country of destination
    • Products being offered, Successful Programs
  • Financial Inclusion of migrant families in the country of origin & the country of destination
    • Successful government, public or private programs & initiatives
  • Socio-Economic Contribution of Migrant Workers in the country of origin & the country of destination
  • Migrants: “Ethnic and Nostalgia” Products
  • Migrant rights & representation in the country of origin & the country of destination
    • Deportations, Deportee Reintegration
  • Safe migration: Successful government, public or private programs & initiatives
  • The path to the US border: migrant safety, smuggling, scams
  • Migrant Risks: human trafficking, forced labor, sexual slavery, commercial sexual exploitation
  • Consular Services for Migrants, Legal assistance, Legal Defense
  • Seasonal Workers, migrant farmworkers: Programs, Rights
  • The force behind Diasporas
  • Illegal Migrants: Right to Health & Education of young children

Get invited to MTmig

MTmig is a forum of individuals & institutions in the Remittances, Migration & Financial Inclusion space that are interested in exploring the products & services that can positively impact the lives of migrants and their families anywhere, from the pioneers that are breaking ground to seasoned service providers with a lengthy track record. We invite companies and individuals that can bring value to others and are willing to share knowledge and develop partnerships to advance this sector. Get invited or Contact us! .