Raistone makes blockchain technology work in the regulated, compliance environment of the traditional financial service institutions. It carries all the benefits of digital asset exchange, but we’ve stripped the risks that current digital exchanges are vulnerable to: threats of internal and external theft. Raistone was founded to eliminate the necessity of third party repositories, empowering exchanges, banks and financial services institutions to facilitate safe, secure and compliant transfers of digital funds and securities in a regulated market.
The introduction of digital assets on blockchains (currencies, stocks, bond, deeds, etc.) holds the potential to solve systemic problems with current asset trade and money transfer systems and to fundamentally change the financial world as we know it. But the financial industry faces barriers in the form of problems implementing blockchain technology that Raistone is addressing. Solving these problems require a comprehensive solution that eliminates the risks, rather than partially mitigating them.
Raistone solves these problems by changing the underlying transaction process to enable the asset owners to retain possession of the digital assets, while the exchange or bank fully controls and monitors the transaction, ensuring compliance with government and customer safeguard regulations.
Patent pending, our software solution offers value to fiat-to-Bitcoin exchanges, individual traders and financial services industry.


SECURITY:  Custodial and third-party pooling of digital assets is eliminated. No “raiding the vault”; the vault does not exist. The customer retains full control of their assets.
REDUCED COSTS: The risk and cost of holding and protecting digital asset custodial accounts is eliminated. This includes costs of maintaining a reserve fund; enhanced security for asset protection; insurance and cold storage of digital assets.
REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Raistone’s solution is designed to support and integrate with exchange and financial service’s current BSA/AML Compliance Programs.