GFRID Summit 2023 &
RemTECH Awards

The Special Awards Session is a highlight of the GFRID Summit. It recognizes the innovative and impactful contributions made by individuals and organizations in the remittances, investment, and development space in The Remittance Evolution Award, Innovation Remittance Solution, Top Service Provider, Best in Class Compliance Solution, and Partner of the Year. The Awards Ceremony will provide a platform for the awardees to share their achievements and inspire others to drive progress in the field of remittances, migration and development. Scroll down and select the category you would like to submit your entry to.  

Awards Categories

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The Remittance Evolution Award

This awards a company that demonstrates the most adaptability to the market and transformed itself to its customer needs along with the digitalization timeframe.

Innovation Remittance Solution

Awards a new cutting-edge technology that is unknown in the market. A true innovator.

Top Service Provider

This awards is for the company that has the most complete service solution in the market- in terms of market geography, size, and efficiency.

Best in Class Compliance Solution

Deliver an effective KYC system with proven results of staying compliant.

Partner of the Year

Software as a service solution that engages partnership as its core business and delivers custom packages to adapt to its partner’s needs. 

Our Judges

Remittances & Development Contributions

Experts in international development, economists, and remittances industry leaders.

Innovation and Solutions

Tech experts, fin-tech innovators and industry analysts.

Investment and Leadership

Investor, development finance experts, and investment analysts.

Best Industry Practices and Regulations

Industry regulators, compliance experts, and remittance professionals.

Fintech and Banking

Tech experts, fin-tech innovators and industry analysts.

International and Digital Payments

Investor, finance expert, and investment analyst.