Rocelo Lopes. In the cryptocurrency market since 2013, Rocelo Lopes has established himself as a specialist in cryptoeconomics, with consultancy in various sectors ranging from mining, legal and tax aspects, tokenization of assets, in addition to portfolio diversification in cryptocurrencies.

He is known in the national and international market for his products and services using Blockchain technology, in addition to being responsible for building the first industrial-scale mine in Latin America.

He has participated and spoken at hundreds of events in 25 different countries. In 2021, he was considered by Cointelegraph the fourth main name in the Brazilian market in a list of 50 professionals.

In addition to being an advisor on more than 15 projects related to cryptoeconomics, Rocelo was the founder of companies in the technology and cryptography area. Today, the specialist is dedicated to developing the SWAPiX tool, in addition to disseminating his knowledge focused on blockchain, tokenization, security in crypto transactions, and support for the regulation of the subject in Brazil.