Sending Money: Forex, Remittances and Migration

A book by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr

As a two-part series, the SENDING MONEY duology is unique in the presentation of the history of the cross-border payments industry since the shift from informal methods of migrants sending money home to the use by money transfer providers of EFTs -Electronic Funds Transfers. Technology initiated the first step toward digitization with the Telex and then the Fax, before the internet made its appearance. The use of technology created many opportunities and the explosive growth of an industry with the corresponding challenges to banks, governments, and regulators. The duology, written by an industry insider, is divided into two parts,  the first period, 1987 to 2000 and the second, 2001 to our present day, with a forecast for 2030.

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The SENDING MONEY podcast is based on the books written by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, although the series doesn’t precisely follow the book. Hosted by the author as part of CrossTech’s CrossTalks series, the podcast will take you in a journey, from the early days of informal family remittances to the fintech revolution! Each episode is 25 to 28 minutes long and you can listen to it in Podbean, Apple, Google or any podcast provider.