SightSpan is a multinational advisory group with local and international expertise focused on risk management and security matters.

SightSpan organizations identify risks, measure risks, analyze the probability of a risk event occurring and design risk mitigation strategies.

SightSpan offers risk management advisory services and technical tools to financial services firms, including banks, brokers, MSBs, payments and prepaid card services groups, governments and organizations in need of short term, on demand, compliance and security expertise.

Some of the largest financial institutions in the world rely on SightSpan experts and solutions to mitigate compliance risk and uncover financial crime around the globe.  SightSpan also assists governments in keeping people safe in dangerous or higher risk situations, deals with threat financing, money laundering and general illicit financial activities and designs communications and training programs to better assist citizens.

Each SightSpan division is focused on its core set of services and expertise to provide the most value for each individual client. The firm has clear policies and unique methodologies to complete projects in a timely manner, with the focus always remaining on client goals, trust, effective communications and success.

SightSpan is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, with additional offices in New York, Miami, Montreal, New Zealand and in the Middle East.