Veronica Studsgaard is the Co-Founder and CEO of the International Association of Money Transfer Networks. IAMTN represents and defends the common interests of it’s Members and works on removing the obstacles that prevent institutions from implementing their activities.

Veronica has been in the remittance industry for a decade. She works closely with regulators, regional associations and payments stakeholders to create the most effective, safe, reliable and efficient payment system possible. She represents the private sector, as a member of the Action Group on Cross Border Remittances set up by the UK Government to bring together participants from industry, government, regulators, civil society and international partners to take forward these actions while improving dialogue and trust between stakeholders in the UK remittance market. She also represents IAMTN members at FATF and GRWG from the World Bank.

Prior to founding IAMTN, Veronica set-up Unistream UK, a money transfer company specialised in Eastern Europe, where she was CEO during the period of 5 years. She also worked for Uniastrum Capital Ltd, an Investment Management Firm authorised and regulated by The FCA (previously FSA) from 2002 until 2010. Prior to her joining the remittance industry she worked in the Logistics in International Trade Industry.  Veronica is currently based in the UK.

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