Why attending IMTC is important

This information is not to convince you to come to IMTC, nor give you arguments why you should join our conference. If you need that, let’s schedule a phone call and we will listen to what you do, what your job is and then we will give you the reasons why we think it is important to you to join us.  Warning: we will be honest. Go to CONTACT  and let us know.

This information is to give you the tools for you to make your case with the person or persons that would eventually weigh in your IMTC participation.


  1. PDF with Conference Information:


  2. Request an Invitation Letter:
    • See a Sample Letter here
    • To request a letter provide the information in the form on the right labeled: REQUEST INVITATION LETTER


  3. Request help in Networking:
    • The more successful the conference is for you the more probability is that you come back and tell others.
    • So tell us what are your looking for and we will help you before, during and after the conference. Please send us the form on the right labeled: NETWORKING HELP REQUEST


  4. We do wave registration fees for qualified individuals, go to Get Invited!

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IMTC Contact information


International Money Transfer Conferences

7440 SW 88th Street
Suite 2709
Miami, FL 33156

Phone number:

US: 888-449-5550 or +1-786-238-7857


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