As a preview to IMTC Miami 2013 in Miami Beach to be held at the Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel in the first week of November, IMTC published this infographic that shows the major year-to-year increases (2012-2013) of the remittance volume to selected countries, chosen both for their total volume and the total increase. The infographic shows for example India, the largest money transfer receiving country in the world, with an increase of 9.1%, Philippines, number 3 with 5.7% and countries with past and present conflicts with large increases such as Egypt with 10%, Sudan with 60%, Myanmar with 77%.

You can view/download a pdf of the infographic. If you would like to have your company logo placed in this infographic, contact us and we will gladly customize it for you. We can provide graphics in both letter and poster size. If you want to produce an infographic for your company with your data, contact The Spark Group

[gview file=”https://crosstechpayments.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/IMTC_Infographic_VolumeGrowth2013-sm.pdf”]